How to take care of your time

This is the only valuable thing next health and life.

No one can take it from you or give you and you have full control of this most important ‘commodity’. Unlike money, you can’t earn and you can’t save either so try to live each day consciously and try not to waste time counting seconds but enjoying each.

How to start, begin with a plan for the day – proactive this is for you to decide and begin every task with a specific outcome in mind. Have ‘your’ priorities right so nobody can take this from you this may be playing with your kids. Engaging with your hobbies, studies or daydreaming etc.

Try to measure your productivity each day. There is much self-help available and knowing how to stop ‘monkeys’ is the key to success. We all love to agree and say yes so be cautious next time before you say it to someone.

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