Miracle of health

There is no health without disease and none of us are healthy at all times or sick. Over the years I was struggling with the diagnosis of health as something that we can achieve whenever we want. It’s a long-term investment. When compared to everything that you can have in life this is the second most valuable treasure. At present world birth rate is twice as much as the death rate (Number of births and deaths per year, World (ourworldindata.org)). If you compare the unintended pregnancies and “births” you will be surprised to find that projected birth read would be 4 times as much as the death rate (Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion Worldwide | Guttmacher Institute). Something not surprisingly common in these statistics are both reported in developing or underdeveloped countries.

As a human race in this generation, despite being most gifted we are becoming more selfish and self-centered. The division between rich and poor within a country and between countries becoming wider. We have forgotten our priorities basic health is no longer considered basic human right or respected as such. Health disparity in develop nations as well as developing countries is becoming wider and pushed against corruption and greed. Most of us are born with good health but are poisoned over time because of poverty, corruption, poor political decisions and social and economic injustice by the developed nations.

To achieve reasonable health, we all need work together and help each other as humans without any reservation.

Key Facts: Poverty and Poor Health | Health Poverty Action

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